Bio-inspired Robotics & Design Laboratory
Singapore University of Technology and Design


Our work is multidisciplinary, we rely on modeling and understanding of basic physical principles to guide creative designs that are heavily influenced by nature. We are also experimentalists at heart and enjoy testing our ideas in the real world. We welcome creative and motivated researchers to join our collaborative environment and help us develop original scientific advances.

Principal Investigator


Pablo Valdivia y Alvarado, Ph.D. MIT
Assistant Professor
Engineering Product Development Pillar
Curriculum Vitae
Administrative assistant:
Lim Yong Chau



Research Fellows



Vincent Sebastian Joseph (Ph.D)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow





Wang Yan (Ph.D)

Senior Research Fellow

Computational Fluid Mechanics




Theo Calais (Ph.D)

Research Fellow

Nanomaterials Engineering




Truong Van Tien (Ph.D)

Senior Research Fellow

Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering








Vinoth Kumar Viswanathan (M.S)

Electrical Engineering





Anirudh Agarwal (M.S)

Mechanical Engineering






Naresh K. Thanigaivel (M.S)

Mechanical Engineering







Federico Fries (B.S)

Electrical Engineering






Vignesh Subramaniam (B.S)

Mechanical Engineering






Graduate Students 


Vijayaragavan Raju (Doctoral Candidate)

Mechanical Engineering






Lee Shien Yang (M.S Candidate)

Mechanical Engineering






Visiting Students


Apoorv Vaish

Mechanical Engineering





Undergraduate Students/UROPs




Past Members

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